When Time is Limited - We Can Do it For You!

  • 2021-04-01 08:07:29

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When Time is Limited - We Can Do it For You!

One Horizon has some amazing 1-day tours, available for travelers who are tight on time and who do not want to miss out by sitting around in hotel rooms after their arrival or prior to departure. That is where the One Day itineraries are an amazing collection of activities that are often the highlight of traveller’s trips to Kenya.

There’s a variety of ‘meet the people’ day tours that range from the always entertaining and moving GO GRANNY GO (an excursion that jars us all out of the concept of taking it easy as we get older) to the Maasai Magic (where your questions about family life will probably change your life). Of course, there are many more tours and people meeting opportunities that will simply leave you inspired and its for these reasons we often have to make sure you get on the plane. People just do not want to go home. To find out more about these great days go to Signature Experiences on the One Horizon website.

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