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Together We Can is a unbelievable experience in One Horizon’s Connect with Kenya portfolio of travel tours. It’s four great days that create everlasting memories and unforgettable bonds as Kenyans and travelers come together and change each other’s lives. 

We guarantee three things with Together We Can: First, you’ll genuinely connect with Kenyan communities as you immerse yourself in the day to day lives of the people who call them home. Second, you’ll gain intimate insights into Kenyan culture and traditions as we take you to places that tourists rarely experience. Third, you’ll have a lot of fun. And you’ll leave us saying ‘TOGETHER WE CAN’ solve poverty. 

During these four fascinating days you’ll also play your own part in giving Kenyan families a hand up and away from poverty as you stand shoulder to shoulder with our humanitarian team at the four communities we visit.

You’ll see how grandmas are becoming pig farmers; how the Masai are coping with changes to their life and ancient traditions; how a group of single mothers are becoming entrepreneurs so they can give their children the start to life that they never enjoyed; and how a community is dealing with the lack of food for their families.

Each day you’ll meet amazing Kenyan people who will inspire you with their resilience, generosity and ‘can do’ attitude as they turn their lives around. Every moment is filled with something new, something special as you gain penetrating insights into Kenyan lives, traditions and customs that will leave you in awe. 

Together We Can is the holiday that you perhaps never envisaged as you connect with communities that you probably never thought you would visit. It’s likely to be among the most significant and moving four days you will have in your life.

You’ll see that our sustainable travel just may hold the key to solving poverty, how our Programs That Change Lives work together with our Holidays That Change Lives to involve our travellers in forging the change that we’re lucky to witness every day. 

Everything we do at One Horizon is about helping Kenyan families and communities create happy, healthy and sustainable futures – and yes, you can be part of it! 

To find out more about Together We Can please click here – or you can book here.

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