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How does a young Masai man straddle two worlds successfully?

Risa is the son of a Masai Elder at the traditional Masai village that we visit on some of our people safaris. He lives in a world of ancient traditions that the Masai hold dear, but also he’s increasingly exposed to the developing world that Kenya embraces. Even his name reflects this – Risa is his Masai name and Emmanuel his ‘western’ name.

Like many young Masai men with this ‘dual citizenship’, Risa is already navigating the inevitable challenges in amazing ways and exemplifies credentials that make him a great ambassador for both his tribe and his nation.

But why not ask Risa yourself, as he plays a key role on our Masai Magic and All Things Masai experiences.  

On these one and two-day people safaris you can sit down and talk to Risa about his future plans for marriage – for example: Will he pick a wife or will his family choose a wife for him? Will he have more than one wife, and what’s his stance on female circumcision?.

If you want a different perspective on these matters, you can his mother Rispa and father Daniel what they think. All are open to these candid conversations and their perspectives on these matters are fascinating to hear.

That’s the essence of these experiences – they offer an intimate insight into the ancient ways of the Masai as well as how both the men and women of the village are adapting to change.

If you’re holidaying in Africa and are looking for experiences that venture beyond our famous wildlife parks, you could incorporate our Masai safaris into to your itineraries – we can also help out with your Nairobi accommodation, if you’d like.

They’re an opportunity to ‘give back’ to Magical Kenya because when you safari with One Horizon you’re also contributing to our sustainable programs that support the Masai community. 

They’re experiences you’ll remember for your entire life.  Our Masai Magic TripAdvisor reviews say it all.

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