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A Kenyan experience with incredible people, programs and moments that will inspire you.

On our 3-day Giving Something Back people safari, you’ll be giving Kenyan families, women and children a step up and away from poverty.

On this safari, we take you to visit and interact with three Kenyan communities where life’s challenges have created obstacles that have impacted negatively on the quality of life of the people who call them home

With few employment opportunities in their local areas and hence with no or little income, One Horizon is working with these communities to implement sustainable programs that will turn their lives around.

The communities we visit are all in or around Nairobi:

  • A traditional Masai village where you’ll connect with Masai warriors and women .
  • A rural community where we’re helping grandmas establish pig or chicken farms.
  • A community education and nutrition centre that caters for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in this community. 

At all these places you’ll genuinely connect with amazing Kenyan people and gain deep insights into their lives, which few people ever have the privilege to see and understand.

One of our guests, Ilana from the USA, described the day with the Masai as a ‘superlative’ experience when she wrote:

This was hands down one of the highlights of our incredible trip to Kenya. My mother, my 6-year-old daughter and I were taken to a Maasai community. We spent a wonderful afternoon with a local family, and it felt like we made a genuine connection despite the vast cultural differences. We also got to hear about the inspiring work that One Horizon is doing in the Maasai community. I cannot recommend this highly enough! 

Whilst another guest, Helen from Australia, said this of her day with the grandmas:

One Horizon uses the money from its tours to provide Grandmas with piglets or chickens which they can breed and then sell. This enables these women to generate their own income and escape from crippling poverty. And by taking part in the tour I really felt that I was making a big difference to the lives of people. I would highly recommend taking part in one of these tours – it will be a highlight of your trip to Kenya

You can book your Giving Something Back people safari here – if you have any queries, please contact us.


  • 1 dinner with the One Horizon team at a Nairobi restaurant on Day 2.
  • Light luncheons daily and unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water.
  • Air conditioned car transfers
  • One Horizon guides with you every step of the way
  • Joining our humanitarian team in programs that change lives – your involvement can be as ‘hands on’ as you choose.

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