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It’s really difficult for people who have never experienced extreme poverty to understand how debilitating it is on a person’s emotional and physical well being. Our Go Granny Go! safari will inform, confront and inspire you.

You’ll also have a lot of fun with the grandmas and bond with them as you join them in their day-to-day lives and, if you’d like, help out on their new pig or chicken farms.

When we arrive, these inspirational grandmas will greet you with song, dance and warm smiles that belie the struggle of their past – before they met One Horizon and you, our travellers.

This one-day experience takes you on a journey that your hosts, a group of Kenyan grandmothers, have all been on. And you become an important part on that journey. When you join us on this safari you play your own part in helping grandmothers emerge into a new, positive stage of their life.

Village life often lacks employment opportunities, for older people in particular, and with little support for grandparents looking after their very young grandchildren, it’s a tough and isolated life. In the absence of the children’s immediate parents, a grandparents struggle to put food on the table makes each day stressful and difficult. But the new life of grandmas, helped by the involvement of travellers, incorporates peer support programs for them and vocational training initiatives that sets them us as pig and/or chicken farmers.

After two years we can almost guarantee that grandmas will be able to provide regular food for themselves and their grandchildren, they will have a sustainable income, and most importantly, a positive future to look forward to. All this is a journey and travellers help support the grandmothers through this start up period. 

The experience was summed up by Helen, a One Horizon guest from Australia, who said:

“What an incredible experience! I took part in the tour and I’m still thinking about it.  It was humbling and sobering to hear about the hardships they’d suffered before One Horizon changed their lives – and those of their families. And by taking part in the tour I really felt that I was making a big difference to the lives of people. I would highly recommend taking part in one of these tour. ” 

As with all One Horizon people safaris Go Granny Go! is all about connecting and contributing, a unique holiday experience that changes everyone’s lives because our sustainable tourism is a two-way street of shared stories and cultural exchange.

On TripAdviser, our travellers share their unforgettable day with the grandmas describing the experience a unique and rewarding day out that should be your first tour choice in Nairobi. You can find out more and view our Go Granny Go video here.

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