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It’s no surprise to us when our guests refer to what they learned about life from their time with our Masai community. And that’s the way it is on a One Horizon experience. Family structures and life styles are very different from our guests situation.

Yet despite all the differences, they find that they have more in common with the Masai than they would have ever imagined. Our Maasai communities are also very fascinated with our guests. And a recent question from a guest to our Masai hosts got a surprising response. When asked about a recent clan gathering of over 2000 family members, our guests asked “what was the purpose of the clan gathering?” And to our guests amazement, our host responded, “well the last thing we would want to do is fall in love with a person only to find that we were cousins?”

So getting together was a chance for the Maasai clan to know “whose who”. One Horizon’s 2 day ALL THINGS MASAi is a total cultural immersion in understanding how life operates in Masai communities. And its an experience which stirs the emotions and leads to greater understanding about life and what’s important. A fascinating and intimate insight that few travelers ever get to experience.

And from that point our guests have friends forever and friends who just happen to live a traditional Masai life but whose insights about what is important provides the sobering reality that we all share this world and are connected. The All Things Masai excursion is conducted each day of the week.

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