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Whether we’re visiting a traditional Masai village, a farm or city community, you’ll engage with people and gain penetrating insights into Kenyan culture that few tourists ever experience. 

Day 1: Sustainable Programs Helping Mothers and Families   We”ll spend an inspiring day with a group of amazing Kenyan women who have literally come from living on the street to running their own small businesses and being able to keep their families together

Day 2:  Building Blocks That Lift Up the Community You’ll gain a real understanding of what life is like for so many Kenyan families when we spend the day at a One Horizon nutrition and education center. 

Day 3: Time Out With The Hippos  We’re heading to Sopa Lodge on the shores of Lake Navaisha where we will spend time on the water spotting hippo herds. You may also see the herds of giraffe, zebra and water buck that wonder the grounds.

Day 4: Grandmas and Piggies Working Together.  You’ll discover how it’s possible to turn a grandma’s long life of poverty into one of sustainability of income and sheer joy simply  with pig. This program changes lives.

Day 5: Engaging With Masai We venture into Masai country where we’ll meet women who grew up in a traditional Masai community with all the challenges that brings, but who have shown it’s possible to build new new happy and healthy lives. 

One Horizon Team Dinners

On days 2 and 4 we’ll also venture into the hub of Nairobi city as night falls to enjoy dinner at restaurants the locals love – we always have a lot of fun and it’s also a chance for you to ask us all the questions that come to mind as you engage with the various communities we visit

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