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Beatrice’s life of poverty had taken its toll. And if you haven’t lived in grinding poverty, then it’s hard to understand. The physical and emotional toll it takes is debilitating. Beatrice’s life was dominated by hunger, malnutrition and struggle that lasted each and every day of her life. She had lived in the same place and had never left her suburb in 24 years. Her isolation can be gauged by the fact that her current friends, all grandmas who lived so close, didn’t know each other until they came into One Horizon’s peer support program.

Wracked by illness, ulcers, anxiety and depression (going to a doctor was not an option), Beatrice hid from her community and barely spoke. As she grew older her illnesses had multiplied as did problems within her family. She came to One Horizon by chance and joined our Peer Support Program. With a regular meal twice a week as part of that program and regular meetings with her peer group, she started to emerge from her depression. It took more than 18 months in the program for her healing to begin to lift her from her depression.  Beatrice, as part of Stage 2 of her recovery, had opted to become a pig farmer. With One Horizon’s support she developed her business and produces some of the highest quality pork in her area.  She is now able to support herself and her family.

And today you simply wouldn’t believe the change in Beatrice.  She is a women full of life and energy and a mentor to other grandmas. She credits One Horizon for its unstinting support over two years for getting her where she is today.  Life has come full circle for Beatrice and we are incredibly proud of her.

Our travellers have also been an integral part of Beatrice’s journey – when people choose a One Horizon people safari they are also supporting our programs that change lives.  For that, we thank you.

We filmed this video with Beatrice in early 2017, before she’d learned English. Her life has changed enormously since then as you’ll see in our July 2019 video on our home page.


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