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This week we’ve launched a new two-day people, All Things Masai, which is a total immersion in Masai culture as the people of the traditional village we visit invite you to share their lives, customs and traditions.
This village is a special place that tourists rarely have a chance to visit, but One Horizon guests are always welcome because our sustainable programs are changing the lives of the Masai people who call it home – and, whom you’ll come to call friends – as you connect in genuine and meaningful way during two unforgettable, fascinating and fun days. This video gives you a snapshot of All Things Masai


So popular is our Masai Magic day tour, that our guests keep asking for more time with the amazing Masai people at the village we visit. We listened to our travellers and spoke with the Masai Elders, who are equally keen for more interaction with One Horizon guests.

Together with the warriors and women of the village, they’ve come up with some great new experiences for All Things Masai … learn to dance like the Masai, throw a spear like Masai warriors, discover the native herbs and ancient medicines of the Masai landscape and whip up a scrumptious lunch with Masai woman, who’ll share their traditional recipes.

Along the way there’s a lot of fun and probably a few surprises – the Masai love conjuring up activities to delight our visitors to their village and we’ve come to expect the unexpected.

You’ll share stories together and gain fascinating insights into Masai culture as you also help the women of the village build a new manyatta, a home of sticks and mud, and make your own piece of Masai jewellery … a keepsake of your time experiencing All Things Masai as you’ve shared Masai lives – and they’ve learned about yours – for two memorable days.

Connect – Contribute – Change
Day One

We venture to beautiful Masai country, where we’re met by village Elder Daniel, who’ll host you on the ultimate eco-tour. You’ll join the villagers on their morning cattle drive and Daniel explains how the Masai manage their land. We then leave the herd to explore the wonders of the landscape, its native herbs and ancient medicines that have helped the Masai survive for centuries.

Daniel’s eco-tour is broken up with a light lunch at his manyatta and then you’ll spend time with the Masai warriors. They’ll share cultural insights about Masai society and family structures before enjoying a bit of fun with you as they teach you to throw a spear and climb an acacia tree – in lightening speed, if you’re up for it!

The remainder of the afternoon is spent with the women who’ll show you how to build a manyatta. This is an incredibly rewarding experience as you join them in collecting sticks and weaving them together to create the foundations of a new home for a Masai family.

At dusk it’s back to your hotel, before we enjoy dinner at a locals’ favourite Nairobi restaurant.

Day 2

Today again begins herding goats and cows with the Masai through their majestic valley and down to their village. Here you’ll receive the same warm song and dance welcome as yesterday – except, this time you join in the fun, as warrior Risa leads you in a Masai dance class.

Now you can dance like a Masai warrior, it’s time to learn to cook like Masai woman. They have a great way with the herbs you explored yesterday and share their secrets as you help them prepare a traditional and delicious Masai lunch – over more song, more stories.

Next we return to yesterday’s manyatta, this time adding mud to the sticks, before the day’s final activity – making your own piece of traditional jewellery to take away as memento of your time experiencing All Things Masai.

Bookings, Enquiries, Costs and Inclusions

The cost of your 2-day All Things Masai people safari is $530 (USD) for adults; $265 for 7 to 16 year-olds and children under six are free. This includes two light lunches, one dinner at a Nairobi restaurant, unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water, air-conditioned car transfers and One Horizon guides with you every step of the way. Accommodation is an optional extra. You can book here or, if you’d like more information, please visit our website or contact us.

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