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We cannot imagine that anybody would seriously dispute the arguments championed against the practice of keeping animals in captivity, the institutionalization of children or the requirement that hotels in fragile ecosystems require waste management systems to eliminate any negative impact on the environment. These are just a few of the issues which are increasingly being raised not only by the travel industry but the broader community. But the passion of these issues needs to be matched by reasoned debate. You can have an ideology but you still have to think. And some travel groups have set themselves up as if they are the sole arbiters as to what is acceptable when some of their own current practices are highly questionable. Over-tourism of hundreds of sites across the world is a point in question. David Sheldrick’s Orphanage for elephants and rhinos and the Giraffe Center in Nairobi, with international reputations in the rehabilitation of these animals, have come under the ire of some groups. Some of these travel groups have gone to the extent of withdrawing these tours from their offerings. Travel agents as change agents is a pretty scary thought. We will leave it to these centers to defend themselves and their practices. But we are interested in hearing the arguments of all sides as long as it is based on facts and not on Trumpian logic, falsehoods or ignorance. And as an immediate precaution we have also suspended the ability of our guests to cuddle up and kiss our pigs. Now that should kill the passion!

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