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One Horizon holidays are far removed from a ‘tour bus’ experience. As a not for profit organisation, One Horizon’s work is with Kenyans who have had difficult challenges to overcome.

Its projects are about hope and the future and that is what inspires guests to want to be part of it. A guest becomes immersed in the local culture in a way that travelers rarely get to understand. Everyday Kenyans in city and rural communities are the people our guests meet. And our projects embrace inspirational grandmas who are training to start small businesses (so they can keep their families together), to traditional Masai villagers trying to retain their culture to young mothers rebuilding their lives.

One Horizon’s work and the customer experience it offers, have been embraced by the Kenyan Tourist Board (Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection) because they showcase the incredible people of Kenya. One Horizon’s 1 day events include Masai Magic, Go Granny Go, Empowering Mothers and One More Bite. Our 2-6 day traveler experiences are called Connect With Kenya and we have highlighted one of these called Women and Warriors as an example.

Our experiences have been identified as ‘redefining’ what the word ‘holiday’ means. And on our holidays nobody is left unmoved and the guests always find them incredibly satisfying. We would love you to be part of that journey.

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