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When we first met Tabitha a decade ago, we didn’t really think she would survive another day.

The single mother of three young children weighed just 40 kilos. She was so chronically ill from a range of illnesses that we were prepared for the worst.

Tabitha was bedridden and very sick, but with her determination and the dedication of those closest to her, she slowly fought back. It was a hard battle with multi occurrences of TB, malaria and pneumonia. And when you pile the rejection of her family on top of it all, life doesn’t get much tougher.

During this difficult time, Tabitha’s eldest son decided that life was better on the street. He wasn’t abandoning his Mum, rather his reasoning was that he had to learn how to survive so he could look after his siblings in the future. Quite simply  he believed his mother was going to die and that the responsibility for caring for the family would fall to him.

But there was no way resilient Tabitha was going to let herself succumb to the circumstances that life was throwing at her. With Mary, her great friend and mentor by her side, Tabitha overcome each obstacle, one by one. Sure, One Horizon was there, but it was Tabitha’s inner resolve and dedication to her children that kept her going.

Today with her new job, new marriage and with her children performing well at school, you wouldn’t recognize Tabitha from that time of years ago. Tabitha would be the first to admit she’s now a little more than 40 kilos. And you know what? We love every kilo of her!

It was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences we had in Africa and I cannot believe how lucky we were to spend so much time with our hosts and hear their stories. Thank you for all the hard work you have done over the years for these families – we saw first hand how you and One Horizon have changed their lives and we certainly walked away feeling inspired.

Our travellers also play a crucial role in changing the lives of amazing Kenyan people like Tabitha. By simply visiting our communities and sharing their stories, skills and experiences they are enriching the lives of the Kenyans, they meet. But, beyond connecting in such meaningful ways, their tour fees also help fund our programs that change lives. When you join us on one of our people safaris, be it for just one day or more, you play your own personal role in our sustainable initiatives. And, we can almost guarantee it’s an experience that will change your life in unexpected ways too.

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