Empowering Mothers 1 Day Cultural Tour

Empowering Mothers <span>1 Day Cultural Tour</span>
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Experiences To Fill You With Awe

You are there - in the company of brilliant women working to change their lives from the grind of poverty to new beginnings filled with hope. Welcome to our women’s vocational and lifestyle training center set on the edges of Nairobi. Here, the air buzzes with the energy of fresh skills being learned as new lives are built on foundations of trust and determination.

We are honoured to have our Empowering Mothers cultural tour included in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection. These are curated and exceptional experiences exclusively accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board - the most authentic once-in-a-lifetime tours offered.

These Are The Skills That Change Lives

You’ll pull up a chair and sit with these ladies as they develop their entrepreneurial talents – candle-making, hand-crafting jewelry, and sewing, all with an eye toward creating independence with their own small businesses. On this special day, you’ll hear their stories of inspiration and courage. The liveliness and laughter echoing here are delightfully infectious. You didn’t expect to feel this way on a simple cultural tour. But these women have come from a dark place and now you are witnessing the light of their transformation happening before you in this sacred space. Suddenly you have become a partner in their journey to achieve the self-reliance that means so much to them and their children. It’s a moment you will savor.

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Kenyan women turning their lives around

We drive you to Ngong to the west of Nairobi, and take in sights such as the eclectic Ngong Road markets where you can buy anything and everything. Then you visit the Women's Empowerment Centre, where One Horizon supports an 18-month program to help struggling mothers undertake skills training and get access to microfinance to open small businesses. Not so long ago these marginalised women had very little hope, few resources, and no support, and been ostracized by their and families and were forced into homelessness.

But with the support of One Horizon, and the travellers who visit them, the centre helps them get back on their feet by providing rent-free housing and vocational training, as well as lifestyle skills that focus on building confidence and rejuvenating body and soul. They become independent as small business owners — perhaps as a seamstress, or a pig or chicken farmer – and crucially, are able to feed, financially support, and keep their families together. It's grass root Kenya that few outsiders rarely experience.

The women’s inspirational stories will teach you about family life in Kenya, the practice of marrying multiple spouses, the dynamics of being a single parent, and the relationship between Kenyan mothers and their children. You will walk away from the experience of meeting these determined women, with much admiration and a new perspective on how teaching empowerment skills can lift people out of poverty.Understand Kenyan cultural traditions make this a cultural tour which will leave you with penetrating insight into the lives of many women in Kenya.


  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers - we'll collect you at from your Nairobi hotel at a prearranged time and drop you back late afternoon.
  • Please note that your vehicle has charging facilities for your mobile phone and internet for your convenience.
  • A personal guide who is also your driver and a One Horizon staff member for the day whose task is to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the day.
  • You will also receive up to 50 images of your adventure as well as videos that capture the moments you will treasure for life.
  • In addition to lunch there is unlimited fruit, tea, coffee and water available.
  • TThere are modern toilet facilities at the venue for your comfort.
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Your Stay In Nairobi

Your Stay In Nairobi

We are happy to recommend alternative accommodation options that meet your
requirements during your time with us in Nairobi. Our preferred hotels
are Palacina and Hemingways - If you would like us to explore other options please contact us.


Christina (USA)

star rating

Life Changing Experience!

The best days of my recent trip to Kenya were hands down those that I spent with my guides Mary and Solomon and the amazing women who welcomed me into their home and circle on the One Horizon tours. If you are reading this and wondering if you should take one of the tours offered by OneHorizon, YES! YES YOU SHOULD!

If you are chasing experiences to fill you with Awe, the moral beauty of the people you will spend time with on a OneHorizon tour will leave you speechless. Let your tourism dollars directly impact people who live in the country you are visiting. Colin with OneHorizon is a conduit to wonderful people who will use these funds quite efficiently to bring more light into the world. And you will experience the culture of Kenya intimately in a way very few activities could offer. Sign up today!

Like me, many tourists make the journey to Kenya to experience the romance of the savannah and see elephants, lions, giraffes and more in their natural habitat. And that was certainly exciting. But what made my time in Kenya unforgettable was the Kenyan people I met. And among the most memorable people was Rosemary, the hardworking grandmother who proudly told me about her life and success as a pig farmer which was started with the help of One Horizon. Rosemary was a wonderful hostess serving me cake and Kenyan tea, chatting, singing and dancing a little while preparing a delicious celebratory lunch together. This experience on the Light on the Horizon tour was a great first day in Kenya.

I was also fortunate enough to spend my last day in Nairobi with an utterly amazing group of women at the Living Positively Women’s Empowerment Center. After receiving a diagnosis that marked a distinctive change in their life, they had to let go of who they were before, what they thought their lives would be and, very often, the people they loved and who had shaped them to date.

With a blanket of darkness threatening to drown them, they swam away from the dark and towards the light with every ounce of strength they possessed. They were met with beacons of hope and love - the outstretched hands, the welcoming smiles, the songs and dances, the open listening hearts of other women who welcomed them to this new space. Who held them when they felt as if they might sink against the pull below them. These beautiful women may be seeking empowerment, but the feminine power they already possess in abundance is what will change the world in the decades to come. To spend a day in their circle was one of the great privileges of my life.


star rating

This day will stay with me for the rest of my life

My daughter and I were in Kenya for a holiday, going on Safari and we added a few extra days in Nairobi to explore. We were lucky to come across One Horizon who support the ladies at their Kenyan centres. The centre provides an 18-month program for ladies who are struggling in all aspects of their lives and simple can have nothing!! We spent the day listening to the ladies, who were very brave in opening up about the past and sharing their stories. We then shared with them their skills, that they had learnt since being at the centre...... craft, baking, making clocks etc. We could have sat for hours, chatting to the ladies, as they made us feel very welcome. The lady who runs the centre is called Mary, and my instincts told me as soon as I met her, that everyone calls her MUM, and within minutes of her talking, you could see and feel why. She is the Mum to so many of these amazing ladies, and Mary gives them strength and hope. One lady said to me "if you have Hope - you have everything" - and how very true she is. Whilst spending the day with the ladies, we made chapati's and cooked lunch together, which we all then sat and enjoyed around the table. This day will stay with me for the rest of my life and even since I have been back home, I think of them often and wish them peace, courage, strength, and hope. Thank you, One Horizon, for supporting these wonderful ladies and giving us the chance to spend the day with them, over lunch.

One Horizon run out of the ordinary trips, which gives you a better understanding of the culture of Kenya, and not through rose-coloured glasses. If you are thinking of going..... Please do, they will make you feel extremely welcome.


Beatrice, Kenyan Mum

One Horizon encouraged me to re-train and become part of their women's program and 18 months after that I graduated. I was able to keep my family together and to earn income in my own small business. I am now employed training others. My life changed when One Horizon came into it and I am now able to support my family. My life has changed so much and I want to thank One Horizon for that.


Veronica, USA

Wonderful Tour. I had a wonderful time on this tour. The ladies are friendly and will answer questions and ask you some too. Had a good time sitting and listening to their stories and listening to them sing. Had a nice lunch and the guides were very nice and open to questions.


Annette, USA

This tour should be required for every visitor to Nairobi! It provides a unique look into the lives of the Kenyan people. It is life changing as you see the daily struggles and challenges of women who are faced with the burden of providing for their children and grandchildren after growing up in a cycle of never ending poverty. You become an active participant in helping to break the cycle and help them achieve self-reliance. You will interact with wonderful grandmothers who will help you hold and feed their animals. They will share their stories with you, cook with you, teach you, and love and laugh with you. Your heart will open and change for the better. This should be your first tour choice in Nairobi.


Jordana, USA

Life Changing! I was moved to tears hearing some of these women stories! They are strong and I am so grateful to have met them. We made bracelets, shared laughter, danced and drank tea. Best time and if I could I would give this 10 stars!!


Amy, USA

I just want to thank One Horizon and Sol (our guide) again for such a wonderful and eye-opening day. What you do in this country is short of miraculous. We will definitely continue to help out however we can when we reach the States and see how we can get further reach for the children and women you help every day. Thank you so very much and I hope this is not the last time we all meet again.


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