One Horizon's Signature 2 to 6 Day Itineraries

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One Horizon's Signature 2 to 6 Day Itineraries

One Horizon’s social purpose, with the amazing people experiences that are the hallmark of its tours, are events that cannot be had anywhere else in Kenya. And that’s why a people-based experience with One Horizon is a totally different and unique event for travelers.

The experiences are moving, emotional and inspiring and One Horizon’s trade partners will be amazed at the feedback and accolades they will get from travelers.

Follow the links to find out more for Family Ties, Heroes and Heroines of Kenya, Together We Can, It’s Happening Now and Insights of Life. And for each tour, One Horizon provides a pictorial and video history of a guest’s experience.

For further information please follow the link to our website and contact One Horizon for any information you may need. Or contact us on +254 0758 075 570 or

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